Proven Incident and Crisis management software.

All-in-one software solution for Incident management and Crisis management. Our solution was born in organizations that battle daily with high priority situations where time is of the essence, in one of the most disaster prone countries in the world.

Our unique approach is combining day-to-day operations to crisis management, assuring smooth transition between the two situations.

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Our product is one system made of many modules which you can read about below. The setup is minimal and takes a few minutes to setup the system for your organization. Customization for your organization is easy, friendly and flexible.

No organization is the same and we've put in a lot of work to make our system very flexible and configurable in terms of features and data collection. You can define exactly what data you want to collect and how you want to display it to your users.


We offer our solution as a SAAS that requires no setup. We handle everything from hosting to customer service. Our servers have 99,999% uptime and all important issues from our customers are quickly resolved.

In-house installation

If you would rather host our solution yourself then we offer that possibility as well. You would have total control of accessibility to your data and security measures.

Custom data collection

Define what data you want to collect and customize everything from model attributes to theme-color and logo.

Always up to date

Operation Dashboard

The Operation dashboard gives an overview of everything that is going on within an organization. A new operation can be easily created and categorized. The Operation Dashboard is real-time, meaning that a user that is browsing the Operation Dashboard automatically gets new information populated into the list when a new operation is created by another user.

Data frequency

New data is sent to you instantly. You can react to new information in seconds rather than days.

Flexible categorization

Every customer has the option to define their categorization of Operation. It is then possible to search and filter Operations based on those categorization.

Operation dashboard image


The Operation is the main stage where information about a certain incident flows. Here you can log down everything that happens, create tasks that need to be completed, create groups, and assign groups to people and tasks. You can upload files to logs, tasks or groups or to the Operation directly. It also provides an overview map where all geocoded data is displayed.


All operations can be shared to other organizations. This allows a close collaboration between many organization that have common interests.

Crises and daily operations

Operations are perfect to administer regular day-to-day work within an organization as well as high priority crises.

Inside an Operation image

Area Management

The SAReye Area management module is perfect to organize large geographical areas. It is used extensively by SAR teams to prioritize area that needs to be searched or monitored.

Assign to groups

Areas can be assigned to groups for further categorization. Since personnel on the ground are assigned to groups it is easy to see which people are where.

Finish and reactivate

When areas have been covered they can be finished within the system. An area that has been finished will appear as green, areas that have not been assigned will appear as red, and areas being covered will appear as green.

Area management image

Preparedness module

When crises arrive there is rarely time to sit down and write down everything that needs to be done to counteract. Time is of the essence and having a pre-made plan to follow can save valuable time. Sareye preparedness module allows you to predefine tasks that need to be done inside an operation, so when the Preparedness plan is activated an Operation is automatically created along with all the predefined tasks.

Flexible & Shareable

Easily create and update the entire plan that is followed in crises. Your entire organization has access to this plan which makes it easy to follow in times of crises.

Version control

Track all changes made to the plan, what was changed, by who, and at what time.

Preparedness module image


At the end of an Operation it is very valuable to get insights from personnel that took part. Sareye gives you the possibility to create Survey templates that are used to create Surveys that can be sent to personnel within an organization. Managers can then view the results of each Survey to see what could be done better.

Send automatically by email

Send surveys automatically to personnel within an organization. You can also add more recipients outside of an Operation to send to.

Great visualization

Managers have the possibility to analyze the Survey results visually..

Survey answers overview image

Watches and standby personnel

In order to see who is on watch, and in what department, within your organization a good overview is required. SAReye provides a way to get a thorough overview of all watches and who is on watch and who is on-call. It also gives you a brief overview of the watches in the system header so you can see it anywhere in the system.

Quickly put people on watch

Easily change who is on watch and mark if they are present in the department or just on-call.

See watches of other organizations

You can see all watches of any other organization that you and your organization work commonly with.

Watches list image

Our customers are first responders, disaster managers, critical infrastructure companies and search and rescue teams

Conventional project management systems are built to be used in a safe and comfortable environment. Many outstanding products are available but most of them work best for linear projects like software development. Our product is of another nature. We focus on the projects that are unpredictable and unstable. We excel in the volatile environment where a routine maintenance task can spin out of control and wreak havoc on operations. When disaster strikes, conventional company management breaks down and a different approach and a new tool-set is needed.

Here lies the problem. If you want to manage a disruption to business continuity using conventional project management tools you can’t expect to open a toolbox you do not use on a daily basis to manage that problem without failing. Our approach is to use the disaster management tools on a daily basis as project management tools. We used our experience in disaster management to engineer a new breed of project management tools. We have built a tool that is perfect to handle daily projects and provide managerial overview of where the heart is beating.

Our customer testimonials

Landsnet logo

Landsnet has been using the solution from Sareye in its role to oversee and operate the Icelandic power grid since 2015 with good results. The integration of Sareye has proven to be very valuable in both everyday operation and particularly in disturbance situations where Sareye is the main tool by which Landsnet control center logs and distributes operational information to those who need it in the field. In addition, due to the flexible nature of the software, we were able to consolidate the functions of several single-function software applications into the Sareye system. All in all, the Sareye software is a useful addition to the Landsnet control center system and the Sareye team has been very dynamic in servicing and developing the software to better suit our operation.

Ingvar K. Þorleifsson. Power system operator and project lead on Sareye integration at Landsnet.

Landsvirkjun logo

Landsvirkjun is the largest supplier of electricity in Iceland. It is owned by the Icelandic state and processes 75% of all electricity used in Iceland. Landsvirkjun has been using the Sareye system for over a year to handle the communication between the generation scheduling department, the dispatch center and the generating stations. The communication is mainly concerned with that state of the generation system and the transmission system, i.e. information the status of units, plans regarding the generation, plan and unplanned outages, etc.

With the help of Sareye Landsvirkjun has achieved the following success points:

  • A communication system that is easy to learn to use.
  • A system that is easy to adapt to our business.
  • Communication is possible on a group level instead of one-to-one level, so no important parties are left out.
  • Logging of communication.
  • Easy to follow up the logged history of certain events or work-processes in the system.
  • Easy to activate response to certain alarms or events through some automatic SMS-messages or email.
  • Overall Landsvirkjun has had a very good experience with the Sareye system and is very satisfied with it.

    Kristján Halldórsson. Hydro-power Operation Engineer at Landsvirkjun.

    the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency
                Management logo

    I am writing to recommend the services of SAReye. SAReye has provided the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management for the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police (NCIP) with the SAReye project and disaster management platform since august 2014

    The platform has proven to be a robust and innovative tool for our daily operations and a valuable coordination tool in our National Crisis Co-Ordination Center. Iceland is a society faced with numerous natural hazards e.g. arctic storms, avalanches, floods, volcanic and seismic activity to name a few. The SAReye platform was implemented just in time for the august 2014 Holuhraun eruption and greatly facilitated gaining necessary overview of the ongoing situation. The platform was used for 182 consecutive days of operations during the eruption and has since been used with outstanding performance in all our operations for the coordinate center and all regional offices.

    I feel confident in recommending the SAReye services and products. The company has domain expertise in public safety and business continuity and have proven to be very flexible and resourceful.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Hjálmar Björgvinsson. Chief Superintendent - Department Manager Civil Protection.

    Icelandic Red Cross logo

    SAReye has been a trusted partner for The Icelandic Red Cross since January 2015.

    The SAReye software as a service has been used in our day to day work and in a valuable part of our operations. The Icelandic Red Cross uses only the best of breed of IT solutions and SAReye has fulfilled all our needs and outperformed our expectations.

    I can recommend SAReye as a company both for its solutions and the people. The staff is knowledgeable and supportive and has the experience that is required to build a first class crisis management software.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Jón Brynjar Birgisson. Director of Domestic Department.